Vegas Outlaws

The Outlaws have gone to Vegas!

There is a new member in the collectible Outlaw family. From the creators of Alaska Outlaw Cards comes Vegas Outlaws $ Rebels Playing Cards.

In the spirit of Alaska Outlaw Cards, this deck celebrates the misfits and opportunists who forged new paths to unchartered territories ended up in the most peculiar of places. The frigid ice fields of Alaska. The unforgiving desert of Nevada.

Seeking to take this new idea to another frontier, just like the rebels before us, the creators of Alaska Outlaw Cards set their eyes on a place as different, and yet in many ways the same as Alaska: Las Vegas. Replace frontier conmen with Vegas mobsters, and gold barons with casino barons, and spruce trees with palm trees, and you have about the same damn place.

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Glitz. Guns. Glamor. Greed.
So what to Bugsy, Benny Binion, Elvis, and Britney Spears have in common? They all bucked the establishment and gamed the odds while putting the sin in “Sin City.”
Here are 52 of Vegas’ most famous outlaws, rebels or cons: firebrands who turned a small desert oasis into a modern Babylon while making us laugh, cringe and cry.
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